Notes on working with Google Calendar API

Get a list of calendars I want to get a list of google calendars for a google account. I am already authenticated and using the PHP library…. how? public static function get_calendar_lists() { $client = Inbound_Google_Calendar_Connect::get_client(); $service = new Google_Service_Calendar($client); $calendarList = $service->calendarList->listCalendarList(); print_r($calendarList);exit; while(true) { foreach ($calendarList->getItems() as $calendarListEntry) { echo $calendarListEntry->getSummary(); } […]

Who is Susan Lindauer?

US government imprisoned this woman through the patriot act and tried to keep her locked up for 10 years while chemically labodomizing her with drugs because she was a CIA wistleblower trying to get the word out that the US had extensive preparatory knowledge of the 911 attacks. Lindauer additionally suggests that thermite+sulfer military grade […]