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BlogSense is a powerful platform for developing, optimizing, and automating blogs.

This is NOT a WordPress Plugin. It’s has it’s own administration area and works hand in hand with WordPress.

I DO NOT offer support for the product anymore. I have it at a 1.00 because of the thousands of hours invested into it. This tool used to fund my development for other projects. It’s a dinosour. Some of it works, some of it doesn’t. Have fun and don’t email me about BlogSense!


“Sophisticated and powerful swiss knife for auto bloggers with very frequent updates and great support. Strongly recommended.” 

Artur Szwedowskiprivate user from Poland – 9/30/2012


“BlogSense also has the most capable RSS Feed module of any Plugin… A great tool for Auto Blogging.” 

Mike Johnson,


 “I was looking for a plugin or program that would allow me to insert spinnable header text into posts from RSS feeds, and luckily I stumbled across this WSO. I am only using 10 percent of the features, but that alone makes it worth it. …” 

CMA01BlogSense Customer


Been the best $ I have ever spend on a WP blogging system. 


Terry Jett @ 
BlogSense Customer


“the support is fantastic not to say its a damn powerful blogging tool…” 

guguchiao - BlogSense Customer


“I have this program and I love it… customer service is outstanding.” 

Income2k - BlogSense Customer


“Blogsense is awesome…. been using it since the it was 1st released and without a doubt it’s the best plugin for wordpress that I use.” 

Killaz - BlogSense Customer

“This has really come along well. Thanks so much!”

sandchica - BlogSense Customer


 “Hello, I just wanted to drop you a note to say how impressed I am with BlogSense – particularly in regards to quality control.”

Mr. Martin - BlogSense Customer


“I’ve been using Blogsense and I think its awesome! .”

Alex Mayo - Internet Marketer

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